Vatican Bombshell – ARCHBISHOP Found Guilty

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Vatica made an announcement on July fifth, declaring that Carlo Maria Vigano, the former U.S. Nuncio Archbishop, has been found guilty of “schism” and has been excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church.

Vigano revealed on June 20 that he had been notified by a letter dated on the 11th of June that the DDF had begun a trial against him for the crime of schism.

The letter was issued by the DDF’s disciplinary section leader, Monsignor John Kennedy. It told Vigano that he was facing the action due to statements he made which threatened to disrupt the unity of the Catholic Church and undermine its authority.

Vigano denied the accusations, stating that he, as a successor to the Apostles, claims to be in full communion with the uninterupted moral, doctrine, and liturgical tradition of the Church which has been handed down since the time of St. Peter and St. Paul.

In a surprise statement issued to the Holy See press corps, the Dicastery said that it convened its congress on July fourth to settle the matter. In the statement, the DDF said that the extrajudicial penal process, held under section 1720 CIC of canon law, examined the statements of the former Archbishop, in which he refuses to recognize or submit to the authority of the Pope, rejects communion with the Church members of over whom he holds authority, and in questioning the authority and legitimacy of the Second Vatican Council.

The Dicastery found the Archbishop guilty of schism under the canon law, and declared excommunication as demanded with Canon 1384 section 1 CIC. Only the Apostolic See may lift the censure or reverse the decision issued in this matter. Vigano was notified the same day that the verdict was issued.

Under the Canon Law, excommunication bars the excommunicated party from offering or accepting the sacraments of the Catholic Church, including (but not limited to) the Eucharist.