Vladimir Putin Hails Relationship With China

According to a report, after meeting with China’s defense minister, Vladimir Putin praised Russia’s military cooperation with the Chinese and cautioned of security risks beyond its battle with Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin informed Chinese Vice Premier Li Shangfu that his country and China frequently have military-technical cooperation, exchange productive information, and do joint drills.

Putin praised the partnership, saying that the Russian and Chinese defense ministries were also working together in other areas. He specifically mentioned the economic relationship, saying that Beijing had thrown the Russian government a lifeline after sanctions from the West had cut Moscow off from supply chains and international markets.

Putin’s statements, made almost a year after he authorized a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, revealed Russia’s increasing dependence on China. Putin told Li that his meeting with China’s Xi Jinping in Moscow last month had been productive and talked about defense cooperation. 

According to Chinese state media, the Chinese minister of defense discussed a partnership of coordination for a new era with Putin, whereby the  US is not the only dominant power.

In a report from February, US analysts speculated that China’s Central Military Commission had approved the provision of arms supplies to Moscow based on information gathered from surveillance of Russia’s foreign spy agency. 

The article said that China had planned to conceal the help under the pretense of civilian goods. Following the conclusion of the navy’s snap exercises on Monday, Putin reminded defense minister Sergei Shoigu that Russia needs to continue expanding its military power in other theaters, including the Pacific.

According to reports, Putin praised the military’s performance during large naval maneuvers involving the whole Russian Pacific Fleet on Monday, a show of power amid hostilities with the West over Ukraine.

Putin was informed by his Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu that the Friday drill included 25,000 soldiers, 167 vessels, 12 submarines, and 89 planes. 

Putin lauded the navy’s performance in Monday’s meeting with Shoigu and suggested doing similar exercises elsewhere.