Vladimir Putin Vows To Retaliate After Drone Attack

According to a report, Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to avenge what he calls Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Ukraine has engaged in “terrorist activity,” prompting Russia to take “retaliatory measures.” 

Russian police claim that armed Ukrainian drones crashed in the Moscow area early on Tuesday, causing damage to several structures. 

Five drones were reportedly shot down, while another three were electronically jammed, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. In spite of the “terrorist attack,” Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said that no one was hurt and that just a few structures were damaged. 

Putin said that Russia did not strike civilian targets in Ukraine, but he did not detail how Moscow would react to the assaults. When accusing Ukraine of planning to strike a nuclear power facility in Zaporizhzhia, Putin also brought up the possibility of an atomic upturn of the ongoing conflict. 

Reports show the blame for the drone assault was rejected by a senior adviser to Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolyak, who added they are pleased with the events.

Russia had already launched many rounds of strikes against Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, before the attack on Moscow. According to interim Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, the assault on the nation also struck many other cities, resulting in the deaths of four persons and the hospitalization of 34.  

According to the Ukrainian armed forces, about 207,000 Russian servicemen have been wounded or killed since the conflict started. 

According to a report, Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian military had attacked Ukraine’s military intelligence center.  He stated they have previously discussed the potential for carrying out strikes on decision-making offices and facilities. 

During a visit to the Zotov Center, Putin mentioned that the Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters, which was attacked a few days ago, falls into the same category as the UAV attack on Moscow.