Wendy Rodger’s “Stalker” Gets Confronted on Camera

The question of Journalistic integrity, stalking, and doxing are alive and well in Arizona. Doxing is the practice of revealing the home address of a political or business target for social protesting against a perceived grievance. 

Camryn Sanchez is a reporter for the Arizona Capital Times accused of stalking and harassing Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers

A judge issued a restraining order against Sanchez for her bizarre actions after she was videoed at one of the Senator’s homes and reports of Sanchez harassing Roger’s neighbors about the Senator’s whereabouts and movements. 

Senator Rogers took the doorbell video of Sanchez stalking her and posted photos on her Twitter page. She chastised her for coming to her private residence and referred to her as “Creepy @aspapitoltimes reporter @CamrynSanchezAZ. 

Twitter activist Kyle Clifton went to the Arizona Capital Times to get Sanchez’s justification for her interactions with Senator Rogers. He found the doors were locked, and he was not able to contact anyone in the building for comment. 

In an ensuing phone interview, Kyle asked if it was her intention to get the restraining order so she could get publicity. He also asked if her employers at the Arizona Capital Times had authorized her to go the Senator Roger’s home. Both questions were answered with “no comment.” 

Mr. Clifton also pressed Sanchez on whether she had a history of violence or criminal behavior. He also asked if she would reveal her address so he could go question her friends and neighbors about any criminal or violent behavior. Again, a “no comment” was her reply. 

When interviewed, Kyle Clifton was concerned about Sanchez’s behavior and thought she would like to clear her name as quickly as possible. Her journalist’s reputation was in jeopardy, and he thought she should defend herself. 

Clifton called Sanchez’s actions a “moral decay” of journalism, and he expressed concern that more doxing and ambush attacks will take place in the future. 

Sanchez will attend a hearing to defend her actions in a Flagstaff, Arizona, court on May 10 at 1:30 PM.