Whistleblower Targeted By Feds After Bombshell Revelation

Fox News met with a former surgeon from Texas Children’s Facility who had previously identified himself to another journalist as the whistleblower responsible for releasing records indicating that the facility had reportedly disregarded the state’s new prohibition on transgender surgery for minors.

Legislation prohibiting the use of hormone treatments and the prescription of puberty blockers to minors was signed into law in June 2023 by Republican Governor Greg Abbott of Texas.

Afterward, the Houston facility, Texas Children’s Hospital, said on Thursday’s “The Ingraham Angle” that it would no again perform such treatments on children.

Whistleblower materials, however, claimed the hospital never complied with the new state rule. One such document purportedly detailed a doctor surgically inserting a drug-delivery implant into an 11-year-old child.

To expose the alleged actions of the medical facility, the whistleblower delivered documents to journalist Christopher Rufo.

Dr. Eithan Haim, who went by the name “whistleblower,” informed “The Ingraham Angle” that federal agents from the HHS showed up at his house with a letter from the Justice Department informing him that he was a “potential target” in a “new criminal investigation” not long after the paperwork he had given Rufo became public knowledge.

According to Ingraham, Haim has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting what he called allegations that aren’t wholly apparent to him. Haim has also started a GiveSendGo campaign.

Ingraham pointed out that the coronavirus epidemic marked the beginning of HHS’s shift toward silencing dissenting opinions or strategies.

After talking to patients and other medical professionals who had undergone gender reassignment surgery, he felt compelled to come out to save his profession and its patients.

Regarding his ongoing legal battle and the alleged drain on his funds, Haim restated his conviction that it is politically driven at the federal level. He went on to say that a significant number of Americans supported him in blowing the whistle.