White House Gets Question About If Biden Can Survive The Election

Jacqui Heinrich, a correspondent for Fox News who covers the White House, recently questioned Karine Jean-Pierre whether or not President Joe Biden will “make it” through a second term.

A video shows Heinrich referenced the CNN town hall that included Republican presidential contender and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, during which Haley claimed the 2024 ticket would include Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden, at age 80, is the most senior President in American history. It’s only natural that people would have questions concerning his health and age.

Heinrich reported that some believe supporting President Biden equates to supporting Vice President Kamala Harris. She asked Jean-Pierre what her response is to someone who is unsure if the president will complete a full term.

Jean-Pierre brought up the Hatch Act, which prohibits workers of the executive branch from participating in political action, as she often does, regardless of whether or not it applies. After claiming she was forbidden from discussing Harris’s reelection as Vice President due to legal constraints, Jean-Pierre shifted gears to discuss Biden’s bid for reelection as president.

According to a recent ABC News/Washington Post survey, President Joe Biden’s popularity rating has touched an all-time low, and a majority of Americans (68%) believe he is too elderly to serve a second term. 

With such ideas, he will likely finish below other leading Republicans in the next 2024 election.

If Trump becomes the Republican candidate, there is another difference that might prove disastrous for Biden.

A majority of Americans (54%) believe that Trump performed a better job managing the economy as President than Biden has thus far (36%).

The poll shows only 44% think Donald Trump, Biden’s possible opponent, is too old. Trump is 76, while Biden is 80. Trump has a significant advantage over Biden in terms of perceptions of both mental and physical health, regardless of age, with widespread misgivings about Biden’s ability to serve as president successfully on both counts.