White House Won’t Recognize Hunter Biden’s Real Daughter

Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old daughter with former stripper and ex-assistant  Lunden Roberts has never met either her father,  Hunter Biden, or her grandfather, President Joe Biden.  

A New York Times article tells the story of a little girl of four who, along with her relatives in rural Arkansas, is learning how to drive a four-wheeler covered in camouflage.  The young lady knows that her dad’s name is Hunter Biden, along with the fact that her grandpa is the President of the United States. She talks a lot about them both but has never met either of them. 

Rob Roberts, Navy Joan’s maternal grandpa, thinks she is brilliant and hilarious.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the President has asked his staff to reassert the claims that he only has six grandkids.

President Biden has regularly made public remarks bragging about his strong bond with his grandkids. Biden announced in April that he had six grandkids, all of whom he adores during a public gathering. And he swore he had daily conversations with them all.  

All except Navy Joan Roberts that is.

Hunter Biden battled in court to pay less in child support and to deny his daughter the Biden family name, which he has relied upon in his own career, all while ignoring texts about his daughter Navy from Lunden Roberts.

Despite Hunter Biden’s admission last month that he perpetrated federal tax and gun violations, President Biden has maintained that his son did nothing wrong in public pronouncements regarding Hunter.

According to reports, Chairman James Comer (R-KY) of the House Oversight Committee predicts that in the weeks and months to come, depositions of business connections of the Biden family will commence.

One of Hunter Biden’s closest colleagues, Devon Archer, has been named by Comer as the first family member to be deposed in an effort to expose the family’s worldwide business activities.

A “best business friend” of Hunter Biden’s, Archer got into legal problems in 2022 for scamming a Native American tribal organization. A judge ruled that he must compensate the victims $43,954,416.75.