Whoopi Goldberg Agrees As Actress Compares Christians To Murder Group

According to a report, Patti LuPone’s appearance on ABC’s “The View” this week, during which she compared Christians to the terrorist organization the Taliban, was another example of the left’s assault on Christians. And show host Whoopi Goldberg was happy to embrace the slander.

The now-73-year-old was promoting her future part as a witch in the Disney+ original series “Agatha: Coven of Chaos,” which will debut on the streaming service sometime in 2019.  

However, it was her criticism of Christians during her appearance on “The View” that caused the most controversy.

The actress was infuriated by recent remarks by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the controversial actions of transgender activism aimed at minors.

LuPone emoted that it was extremely upsetting to her after co-host Ana Navarro made a remark about Gov. DeSantis and LGBT.  LuPone said she felt like crying and insisted they were not hurting anyone.

The report suggested LuPone didn’t seem to care transgender athletes have displaced thousands of women from sports competitions and collegiate prospects nationwide.

LuPone said there was no difference between the Christian right and the Taliban.

Whoopi Goldberg, who has been forced to issue many apologies in recent years for her disgusting comments, was quick to say LuPone was not the only one who has said that.

LuPone’s bias towards Christians may be what drives her to make such a baseless claim, according to the report.

Reports show President Joe Biden’s hasty pullout from Afghanistan has led to a resurgence of the Taliban, who have frequently killed hundreds of people by beheadings. They’re a fascist, authoritarian power that exploits the worst in Islam to maintain political control and foment a climate of terror. Women and children have been targeted with particular cruelty. 

According to a report last year, Whoopi Goldberg stated that an unborn child whose mother is experiencing problems with her pregnancy and requires an abortion was a “toxic thing” inside of her.