Woman Sues Disneyworld After Waterslide Left Her Unconscious

Walt Disney Parks is facing a lawsuit from a lady who claims she was left “limp” and bleeding after riding a waterslide at Florida’s Typhoon Lagoon and that she had brain damage as a result. 

The case was lodged in Orange County, Florida, and it asserts that Disney neglected to ensure a safe atmosphere and mentioned the absence of lifeguards at the ride’s conclusion. The lawsuit indicates that when the woman’s fiance and mother saw her limp, they requested assistance from the ride attendants, who informed them that they were not lifeguards and that they should locate one.

Disney World’s Humunga Kowabunga waterslide allegedly rendered 25-year-old Laura Reyes-Merino unconscious and left her with cuts and bruises. Exciting rides include a 60-degree enclosed body slide that drops riders 214 feet in the dark before dumping them into a water splash. It is said in the lawsuit that the plaintiff’s brain damage would not have happened if there had been lifeguards stationed at the ride’s exit to assist riders down the chute instead of her being submerged in water and coughing up blood.

A woman who was celebrating her 30th birthday at the park, as well as Reyes-Merino, was involved in a separate case last year after suffering a “painful wedgie” on the same ride. Claiming that the slide’s impact tore her bikini in two and forcibly pushed water within her, she sued the attraction. She was taken to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries, such as a hernia, internal organ damage, and severe lacerations.

Similarly, in September of last year, plaintiffs Emma and Edward McGuinness sued after claiming that the Humunga Kowabunga slide had inflicted an “injurious wedgie.” Emma contended that Disney failed to adequately address the reasons behind safety precautions like crossing one’s leg and the fact that women’s anatomy and swimsuits put them at a higher danger of injury.