Woman Who Freaked Out On Commercial Flight Snuck Past Security

A woman featured in a viral video showing her having a meltdown on a plane reportedly attempted to re-enter the secure area of Dallas Fort Worth International several times after she left an aircraft voluntarily.

Tiffany Gomas became an internet sensation when a video clip of her engaged in an expletive-ridden rant at fellow passengers was posted online. Gomas repeatedly claimed that one passenger was “not real” before leaving the aircraft.

She later apologized for the incident in a video introducing herself as a “crazy plane lady.” The marketing executive said her life had been turned upside-down since the incident and asked that others not judge her too harshly.

The bizarre clip, filmed on a flight from Dallas to Orlando, shows Gomas warning other passengers that one person on the flight isn’t “real” and the plane will go down. The incident reportedly caused concern among cabin crew staff, who felt the passengers needed to be re-screened, and some were asked to leave the aircraft to go through security a second time.

A recent police report into the incident said Gomas tried to return to the airport’s secure areas and was able to pass through the Transportation Security Administration checkpoint. “At 1845 hours, Communications advised GOMAS had gone through the TSA Checkpoint at A12 and had made her way to the secured side of the terminal,” a police report states.

The report also found that while Gomas’ ticket was revoked and she was denied boarding, the TSA system had not updated and continued to recognize her ticket as valid.

The incident has become a source of countless memes and comedy clips. Online creators speculated about the identity of the “not real” passenger, with memes featuring Pinocchio and other fairytale characters offered up as possibilities.

More than 15 million people viewed the initial video clip on TikTok, but Gomas’ identity was not revealed until the New York Post published her name and city. She said it ruined her life.