World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab Accused of Harassment

Numerous women who worked at the World Economic Forum (WEF) have publicly accused Klaus Schwab, the forum’s founder, of sexual harassment.

An investigative report has claimed to find evidence of sexual misconduct and hostile work environment claims against Schwab.

Schwab, who is in his 80s, thought a few years ago that the group needed a revamp to appeal to a younger audience.

According to individuals acquainted with the situation, he then directed his human resources head to terminate the employment of all staff who were 50 and older. He stated that the median age of staff members would be lowered. The head of human resources, Paolo Gallo, a seasoned ex-executive of the World Bank, refused, saying that grounds such as low performance were necessary for dismissal. Schwab fired Gallo shortly after that.

In 2017, Schwab fired a young woman spearheading a startup venture after learning she was pregnant. He let her go after a short while because he was unhappy she couldn’t work at her usual speed.

After getting pregnant or resuming work from maternity leave, many other female employees likewise experienced being let go or experiencing difficulties in their careers.

Other female employees have accused top supervisors, including those who are still employed at the Forum, of sexually harassing them with sexually suggestive remarks and other improper conduct.

Schwab officially resigned as executive chairman last month. Some said he established an objectifying and sexualizing tone from the top.

Several women felt uneasy around Schwab because of his comments and actions. 

Another woman who worked for the WEF in the 2010s noted that there had been a lot of stress to look attractive and wear tight clothes. Until the Forum, she had never worked in an environment where physical appearance was such a central issue.

According to another employee, Schwab made sexually explicit remarks and even posed provocatively in her presence, including that he wanted to see the woman in a Hawaiian grass skirt and coconut bra.

Schwab has strongly refuted all claims, maintaining his composure throughout. A spokesperson for the Forum claimed that Schwab had never participated in the crude conduct described.

He has led the World Economic Forum (WEF) in its vigorous promotion of the “Great Reset,” a plan to replace democratically elected governments with a communist-style global governing structure.