Young Voters Increasingly Shun Biden Over Age

Democrats who are rooting for Joe Biden to be re-elected want to highlight that Donald Trump, the former president, is almost as old as Biden, who turned 81 last week, making him the oldest president in US history.

Democrats, unable to alter the fact that their incumbent would be 82 if elected next November, are attempting to shift the narrative toward one of “wisdom.”

However, the most recent NBC News survey shows that it is still a more significant problem for Biden than for Trump among young voters.

There is a four-point gap between Biden(42%) and Trump(46%) among young voters (18–34 years old), with only 20% of this age group seeing Biden positively about the Israel/Hamas war. This gap is larger than the survey’s margin of error.

Steve Kornacki, a poll analyst for NBC News, said it might indicate a massive shift, pointing out that Biden had a 26-point lead among the younger demographic in 2020.

The problem, according to Trump, is not Biden’s age but rather that he’s “incompetent.”

As two conflicts rage in Ukraine and Palestine, foreign leaders are showing little regard for Biden. During a campaign rally in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on Saturday, Trump said that Democrats and Biden backers are seeing the electoral repercussions firsthand. According to Trump, the president is corrupt and under many nations’ influence.

According to polls conducted by Siena College and the New York Times, the president’s approval rating among a critical group is relatively low. Democratic strategists expressed concern that the decline may endanger his chances of being re-elected.

Black voters have never been more detached from the Democrat Party than in generations. They are dissatisfied with President Biden, whom they had a hand in electing to office just three years ago, and they are angry about what they see as the party’s lack of action on their political concerns.