About News Hill

When policymakers create rules and regulations on Capitol Hill, they affect your life from day to day. While your Congress people have been elected to represent you, they face liberal opponents on the Hill, all of whom are doing their best to pass legislation that threatens your values and your way of life.

Capitol Hill News Affects Your Daily Life

At News Hill, we endeavor to keep you informed about the policies coming out of Capitol Hill. In particular, we deliver news about the right to life, the right to bear arms, anything that could limit or enable your freedom of speech, and policies that oppose your traditional, faith-based way of life.

Our staff live all over the country, offering Conservative perspectives from a variety of communities. One thing we all have in common: the Conservative values that we hold dear.

Our mission is to promote the greatness of America by supporting strong border policies, limited gun laws, and legislation that protects unborn children. We are a smart alternative to the liberal bias thrown at you by the mainstream media. We are here for you, we are receptive, and we are truthful and informative.

Your Views and News Hill

When you access the latest news about Supreme Court rulings and various pieces of legislation affecting your life, you don’t want a liberal bias or woke content — you want the truth. We present warnings, information you need to vote and take action on today, and alerts about what your conservative senators and representatives are doing to make sure our way of life stays safe.

Bona Fide News

We present news affecting not just the average American but law enforcement officers, veterans, and the brave men and women currently serving in the United States military. We believe that police need to be funded and able to do their jobs. We trust their judgment and know that they protect us.

When it comes to news affecting our country’s safety and military, we make sure you have the information you need. Our Bona Fide News pieces include information about diplomacy, conflicts, and wars, as well as warnings about how our liberal politicians weaken policy at home and abroad.

Capitol Perspectives

At News Hill, we remain vigilant about legislation affecting your right to defend your family, faith, and community with weapons. We believe that the news of the day should include any information about this important liberal infringement of rights. You’ll find this and more about what’s happening on the hill in our Capitol Perspectives section.

When our way of life is threatened, we need the right information to act in response to a weak agenda. News Hill helps you stay informed of news at home and abroad, so you know when American appears weak so you can understand what we can do to make it stronger.

No Mainstream Media Bias

We recognize that mainstream media includes a liberal bias. We present news without that bias at News Hill, helping you navigate the information coming out of Washington, D.C. without the woke agenda that infiltrates our nation’s capital.


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