Staffer Posts Biden Tweet On Wrong White House Account

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wrote a message on her official government X account that, it seems, was intended for President Joe Biden’s account.

According to reports, the statement said that investing in America entails investing in all of America. I promised the whole nation when I campaigned for president, and intend to keep that pledge.

The statement was soon removed.

Today News Africa’s Simon Ateba was assigned to cover the White House. He said that @PressSec Jean-Karine was using the incorrect account to tweet. Ateba snarked that, to his knowledge, Pierre had not sought the presidency.

More comments were posted in response.

According to reporter Stephanie Myers, it would seem that she failed to change her account to the @POTUS one.

Joe Concha, a contributor for Fox News, said that whoever has been composing President Biden’s tweets for him has finally been exposed. It’s either Karine Jean-Pierre, an intern in the White House, or the person who left the Cocaine in the White House.

Jean-Pierre again made headlines when she erroneously referred to both Hawaii’s Democrat senators as “he” and pronounced their names incorrectly. This comes as Hawaii contends with the worst fire in the United States in over a century.

Jean-Pierre mentioned Senator “Harino,” with whom the president called last night, and how “he” complimented the president for the prompt help of federal agencies for the people of Hawaii.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is a female.

Jean-Pierre continued, saying that so has Senator Shorts, Sharts. Schatz.

That would be Senator Brian Schatz (HI-D)

For the extremely visible job of White House press secretary, Joe Biden has chosen what has to be the very stupidest, most dishonest, nastiest, most ludicrous person he could possibly find, according to the comments made by Tucker Carlson in June.

Carlson believed there was a purpose for it. It was meant as a kind of public humiliation. It was meant to humiliate the nation and dampen morale among the citizens.

Carlson continued, referencing Hunter Biden’s painting endeavors, that Karine Jean-Pierre is now an historic person much as Hunter is now a noteworthy artist. It’s so demoralizing that it makes working seem pointless.