Man Who Died in Hennepin County Gunfire Was Not Subject of Warrant

On Wednesday, a gunfight resulted in the deaths of one and injuries to two Hennepin County, Minnesota officers. According to emergency dispatch recordings and corroborated by a law enforcement source, the individual who died was not the subject of the arrest warrant they were sent to execute. 

When deputies showed up at Clint Hoyhtya’s residence in the 13400 block of E. Crestwood Drive with the warrant just before 11:30 a.m., the 28-year-old man died in a gunfight. 

Authorities anticipate the two deputies who were wounded in the gunfight to make a full recovery. At the press conference, law enforcement officials avoided answering numerous questions about the incident, such as who opened fire, whether the guy referred to as an “armed individual” was killed by deputy gunfire or by his firearm, and what led up to the killing.

There are still at least three current arrest warrants for the 34-year-old male as of late Thursday afternoon. Two include the violation of no-contact orders for domestic violence, and one is for unlawful possession of firearms. According to court documents, the most recent one was issued the day before the deputies showed up at the Minnetonka residence. His identification was later verified as Hoyhtya late Wednesday afternoon. According to dispatch audio, he was donning body armor and had an “AK,” a reference to a powerful rifle, close to him after the gunshots.

The home’s owner, Thomas Hoyhtya, first referred to his son’s death as “suicide by cop.” But on Thursday morning, he stated that police shot the wrong individual. He said his son was probably playing video games in the back when they broke in the door. He had the day off.

He said that when his mother entered a senior care home in late 2021, his sister began living in the residence without his consent and permitted other people to do the same.

Governor Tim Walz described the incident on Wednesday as “another horrific situation” in which a law enforcement officer in Minnesota was hurt while doing their duties.