Alina Habba, Trump’s Attorney, Criticizes Trial Judges For Mistreatment

Alina Habba, a prominent figure in the legal world and the attorney representing former President Donald Trump, has made a bold statement, expressing her discontent with the American judicial system and the judges presiding over her client’s case.

Habba voiced her displeasure after Justice Juan Merchan criticized another Trump counsel at the New York criminal trial. A gag order was previously imposed on Trump due to his online attacks against Merchan’s daughter. Under Merchan’s supervision, the hush-money case involving Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels is proceeding with 34 felony charges of falsifying business documents.

In his not-guilty plea, former president Trump has maintained his defense by asserting over and again that the allegations against him stem from efforts to sabotage his reelection campaign. According to Habba, the judges have been unjust to the lawyers who are defending Trump.

There was a lot of public attention on Habba when she defended Trump in his second defamation lawsuit against E. Jean Carroll. Habba, strikingly beautiful with a full figure, received more attention for her looks than her law acumen.

Judge Lewis Kaplan, who reprimanded Habba, presided over the civil hearing.

The former president’s request to attend an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court hearing on Trump’s presidential immunity claims was denied, and Habba has since been criticized by several legal experts for implying that Merchan is not adhering to the constitutional right to due process.

Not all of the attention she’s received has been flattering. Internet “trolls” (her word) cruelly teased Habba for cutting celery in a “non-chef-like” way. Instead of running from the ridicule, she uploaded a tongue-in-cheek video of her cutting avocados. She coyly said she didn’t know how to do that either and called defense lawyer Ron Filipkowski a “little trollski.”

She smiled and told all the haters to “get a life.”