Illegal Migrant’s Trafficking Operation Exposed

Over the last several years, millions of illegal migrants have entered the United States illegally through the country’s porous southern border with Mexico. After reversing many of the former 45th president Donald Trump’s border policies, the incumbent President Joe Biden and his administration have exacerbated the problem of illegal migration to an extent likely not witnessed in American history. In the 2023 calendar year alone, over 302,000 illegals were “encountered” at the southern border. Rescinding Trump’s “remain in Mexico” policy, the Biden administration and the federal bureaucracy have operated under a policy of apprehension and then release into the interior of the country. Thousands of migrants have arrived in major cities- in New Jersey, tens of thousands have arrived in recent days as the crisis in New York City continues to grow.

One public school in New York City closed its educational facilities and forced students to learn remotely in order to house illegal migrants. Truly, American citizens are being hurt at the expense of foreigners by their own governing institutions – this is not a matter of opinion, but a blatant and obvious fact. James Madison high school on Bedford avenue in Brooklyn was converted into a housing facility after 1,900 migrants were moved from “tent shelters” to the school due to “inclement weather” concerns. This is truly a mind-boggling occurrence and perhaps never before in the history of the United States have state, local, and federal governments acted in such blatant disregard for their own citizens.

Even the mayor of Chicago has called for help from Biden as the city overflows with many migrants. In early 2024, massive surges of more migrants occurred at the border as smugglers helped more people funnel into the country.  A man was arrested in the city suburbs for allegedly being involved in a human trafficking operation- migrant women have been being lured into the country and used in a prostitution operation.