Study Finds Vegan Foods Ultra-Processed Packed With Salt & Fat

In 2009, Miley Cyrus released the well-known song “Party in the U.S.A.”. While foreigners and those not living currently in the United States have often associated the country with opportunity, prosperity, and freedom, in contemporary times, things have been nothing of the sort in the land that was once free. Over the last several years, the 46th President Joe Biden has piloted the country into near ruin. Ordinary citizens across the country have been seriously suffering over the past period of his first term in office. Last year, record levels inflation peaked at 40-year heights; this was largely brought about by the reckless and unprecedented spending pushed by Biden in the Democrat controlled congress before the 2022 midterm elections. Crushed by the weight of such price hikes, the middle class, once the backbone of the nation, continues to decline in size. Wages have stagnated and diminished in many cases due to the skyrocketing costs of basic living items. Paired with this, millions of illegal migrants have entered the country through Mexico.

Leftist politicians and activists have been slowly winning a cold cultural war in the United States for decades. Slowly, America’s homogeneity has declined as progressives have overhauled immigration laws (this occurred in the mid-1960s), and a belief in a higher power and a shared national faith (Christianity) which grounded the nation in objective moral principles and acted as a moral compass for its public servants and regular citizenry has also deteriorated. The nuclear family has been nearly destroyed, and feminists have destroyed traditional gender roles.

Young people are suffering from serious mental health issues. Another aspect of the movement has been the demonization of red meat and the promotion of “vegan” or plant based foods. Many young Americans have adopted this diet, claiming it to be healthier than natural meat. But they fail to acknowledge that many “vegan” foods contain high levels of fat, salts and are heavily processed.