Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Was Physically Abusive Pre-2016

Through her attorneys, Angelina Jolie has now filed a new court document in which she claims that Brad Pitt was violent against her before the infamous violent airplane incident that precipitated her divorce in 2016.

In the continuing legal dispute between the ex-couple over their French winery Château Miraval, the actress’s legal team requested communications that would prove Pitt, 60, refused to allow Jolie, 48, to sell her stake in the winery to him unless she signed a more demanding and expansive non-disclosure agreement (NDA), according to their April 4 motion.

On Thursday, attorneys for 48-year-old Jolie filed a request in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claiming that Pitt, 60, had a history of physically abusing Jolie before the well-publicized altercation that occurred on a flight from Nice, France, to Los Angeles on September 14, 2016.

Pitt was not prosecuted during an FBI investigation into the event, and he has rejected all charges of physical abuse.

Court documents on the current legal procedures state that Jolie’s legal team said that Pitt’s history of physical abuse of Jolie began long before the family’s September 2016 aircraft travel from France to Los Angeles. However, they added that this flight marked the first time Pitt turned his physical violence on the children as well.

Despite serious family issues, Pitt sought partial custody of their six children. Another source close to the actress revealed that Pitt refused to participate in domestic violence treatment.

According to observers, Pitt has made himself more vulnerable to future damaging accusations that might make their way through the judicial system and eventually reach the public by extending the legal struggle over the vineyard. The couple bought the property in 2008 for $28.4 million.

According to a Pitt-affiliated source, the most recent allegations leveled by Jolie and her legal team continue a discernible trend of evasion in Jolie’s responses to unfavorable events after the court battle regarding the vineyard.

The Pitt ally said this is a pattern of behavior – whenever there is a decision that goes against the other side, Pitt and Jolie consistently choose to introduce misleading, inaccurate, and/or irrelevant information as a distraction.