Ex-Reality Star Banned from Boarding Flight after Dog Chews Up Passport

Reality actress and fiancé of Ercan Ramadan, Vicky Pattison, has broken passport requirements and is therefore unable to go to her dream wedding location in Italy.

Pattison vented her anger at EasyJet on Instagram after the airline denied her boarding because her passport had chew marks from a dog. She will marry her fiancé in September, and she was planning to go to Italy this week to finalize the wedding details.

An EasyJet representative expressed their condolences for Pattison’s ordeal and the trouble it created; however, to guarantee the security of all employees and passengers, they collaborate closely with authorities and follow their instructions and rules in the letter. They can’t let someone board scheduled flights whose documents are so tattered that their legitimacy is questioned. Having the proper travel documents is the passenger’s duty.

The HM Passport Office defines damage to a passport as being in a condition where it is impossible to read some of the text or see some of the details. This includes the pages being torn, missing, or otherwise damaged. A passport is deemed void if the cover has holes, cuts, or tears or if the cover is flaking and the pages have stains caused by things like ink or water.

You can complete an online application for a replacement passport for £ 88.50 or expedite it for £ 166.50 (which will still take one week.)

Extra services include a one-day premium option for £207.50 and fast-track options that need visiting an HM Passport Office in person.

According to Vicky, her wedding costs “the same price as a house,” and she is still short on funds to cover her fantasy wedding. According to her famous wedding planner, even the flowers she desires will be out of her price range. Although she has her heart set on a floral arrangement for their welcome supper, she has restrained herself from spending lavishly on other indulgences.

During the summer of 2019, when they were engaged, Ercan proposed to Vicky on a beach in Dubai. According to British jeweler Rox, the wedding ring would cost around £200,000. Their nine-month courtship culminated with their 2019 move-in together.

They met on MTV’s Geordie Shore. Vicky was previously engaged to Ricci Guarnaccio.

This is her third engagement.