Who is Margo Martin? Trump’s Right-Hand Woman Spotted at Courtroom

Trump’s deputy communications manager, Margo Martin, was thrust into the spotlight alongside the president on the opening day of the former president’s “hush money” criminal trial. After donning a stylish black pantsuit and styling her long ombre hair in beach-like waves around her face, Margo, 28, exuded confidence as she joined Trump in the courtroom.

The communications expert entered the courtroom with an expressionless face, where she observed that fifty-six out of ninety-six prospective jurors were excused for failing to be impartial in the historic first criminal trial, which included a former president.

By boasting about the many expensive benefits of her relationship with a famous politician, Margo has amassed tens of thousands of internet followers and become famous in her own right. While reporting on Trump’s arraignment in a different matter in the Miami United States Courthouse last year, a reporter confused Margo with Melania Trump, who was also there.

Devastatingly beautiful Margo strongly resembles Melania Trump, the former president’s ex-model wife.

Fox News host John Roberts announced the impending interview with her, and he introduced a clip of her entering the government facility. “That was not Melania,” John confessed, admitting that he had erred. As soon as it happened, rumors began circulating regarding who Melania’s double was.

Originally from Oklahoma, Margo was Trump’s Deputy Director of Communications during his time at the Save America PAC. That organization coordinated the president’s nationwide rallies and sent emails to supporters.

While he was in office, she was his press secretary and is best known as the communications advisor who delivered the last news release from the Trump administration.

She has just taken on the role of his deputy director of communications, and she is often seen attending events with him, including many parties at his Mar-a-Lago property in Florida.