Anti-Immigrant WIN! EU Tightens RULES

The ongoing European migrant crisis just took a significant turn with the final version of a migration scheme that’s been in the works since the crisis first burst into worldwide consciousness in 2015. Last year, 380,000 people illegally entered the EU, the highest rate since the crisis days of 2016.

The new EU Asylum and Migration Pact, if approved, will take effect in two years.

The pact is designed to boost the rate of repatriation of irregular migrants to their countries of origin, while speeding up the asylum process for all seekers. It also requires member states of the EU to share responsibilities for these asylum seekers. The EU calls this latter policy “mandatory solidarity” for member states. Nonetheless, the act also promises to allow more flexibility for member nations than currently exists.

Opposition to the pact remains within some EU states, but it is nonetheless expected to be fully ratified by the end of the month.

Under the rules, the 27 member nations of the European Union will have the choice of either absorbing migrants from border countries (such as Greece, Spain, and Italy) or of providing additional funding and resources to help those front-line nations deal with the influx of putative refugees.

Additionally, asylum claims which have a low chance of success will be fast-tracked in order to avoid unnecessary admission of potentially problematic immigrants. All asylum requests, under the new agreement, are aimed to receive a ruling in under twelve weeks. If a claim is rejected, the applicant will be forcibly returned to his or her home country within that time frame.

Asylum-seekers must also submit to tougher screening procedures before they enter the EU, including biometrics, security checks, health evaluations, and identity verification. Mechanisms have also been devised to cope with sudden spikes in migrant flows.

The pact represents an indispensable, historic step, according to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who called it a giant leap forward.