Chris Christie Blasts Biden’s DOJ For Soft Hunter Investigation

According to a report,  former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (And now Republican Presidential candidate) criticized the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into Hunter Biden as incompetent, urging the GOP to keep raising an uproar over it.

The report shows that Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, took a plea agreement from the DOJ last month, admitting guilt to two misdemeanor counts of failure to pay income taxes on time after a protracted examination into his tax history. A charge of illegal gun possession remains open as well, although it too may be dropped in the future.

Attorney Christopher J. Clark told the media a few weeks ago that Hunter Biden thinks it’s necessary to own up to the errors he made during a time of stress and addiction. He’s hopeful that he can keep improving and make progress.

Republican critics haven’t given up on the subject, saying that President Biden’s DOJ gave his son a “sweetheart deal” by reducing the charges against Hunter Biden.

According to reports on Wednesday, a federal judge stated she was “concerned” about the lawfulness of a pre-trial diversion arrangement that would have allowed Hunter Biden to avoid prison on a felony firearms possession charge, which led to the collapse of a plea deal between the Justice Department and Biden on two tax offense tax charges.

At the conclusion of the session, Hunter Biden pled not guilty when the judge, Maryellen Noreika, rejected his plea bargain. Noreika requested documents from both parties detailing the legal framework of the plea agreement.

According to Fox News, prosecutors have confirmed in a federal court in Delaware that they are still investigating Biden.

The day before, Judge Noreika threatened sanctions against Hunter Biden’s legal team for making what she called “misrepresentations” in an attempt to trick the court into excluding an amicus brief in the matter submitted by the Republican-led House Ways and Means Committee.