First Lady Reportedly Imploring Biden in Private to Stop Gaza War

At a modest gathering to break the fast during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan, Biden welcomed Muslim government personnel and community leaders to the White House. The president also joined them for supper.

During the day’s itinerary with the Muslim community, President Biden allegedly spoke with an attendee about how First Lady Jill Biden had been quietly encouraging him to find an end to the conflict in Gaza.

Salima Suswell, who founded the Black Muslim Leadership Council and was present during the exchange, said the first lady’s feelings about the issue were “striking.”

As he remains dogged by criticism over his handling of the Israel-Hamas conflict, the president saw many protest votes in the Wisconsin Democratic primary.

In the primary, about 48,000 votes, or 8.4% of the total, were cast using the “uninstructed” option instead of President Biden’s name. Even though he is no longer running, Democratic Minnesota Representative Dean Phillips received 17,553 votes or 3.1% of the total.

Connecticut’s vote total for “uncommitted” was 11.5%, or just less than 8,000 ballots. The percentage of Rhode Island voters who were “uncommitted,” or 14.9%, came to just under 4,000.

The first lady was queried on Wednesday’s “CBS Mornings” about the current situation of Biden’s re-election campaign. Specifically, she was asked about a Wall Street Journal poll that revealed the Democratic incumbent was behind Trump in six out of seven swing states for 2024.

First Lady Jill interrupted CBS anchor Tony Dokoupil as he questioned her about the election results. She said that Joe was gaining ground in the battleground states, if not in the lead.

“He’s coming up,” she said. Joe will be re-elected, in her opinion.

Among the states that will be pivotal in determining Trump’s victory in November, Tuesday’s Wall above Street Journal survey revealed that Trump is now ahead of Biden in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. In Wisconsin, Biden matched with Trump but failed to gain any ground in the poll of battleground states.